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Cancellation Policy

Top in Traffic focus and obey the clear and non-troubled policy. The terms of the policy are given below:

All cancellation needs must be directed to the department of billing or our interconnected to your manager of account. The cancellation will not be authentic until it is approved by the relevant department. Page Traffic will not liable for any middle or third-party services and offerings, like hosting, web designing and development and content creation and writing.

Refund Policy

The great reason for our offerings, Top in Traffic never give the assurance and guarantee regarding any refund on the cancellation. In the condition of the scheduled payment, it is agreed that payment for an upcoming month is disclosed only after examining the show of the present month. Top in traffic never give any guarantees and assurance on origins of the website ranking and traffic and will never be got the responsibility in the case of any refunds and dues.

Cancellation Policy Refund Policy

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