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Your Privacy is our Responsibility

The website you have visited is hold functioned and managed by the United States America’s Top Digital Marketing Company Top in Traffic. Your privacy is our first priority and is our responsibility when you are online. We always make sure that you must besatisfied and most important protected and have an excellent experience when taking benefit from our amazing services.

We always collect some specific type of data regarding our customers, we believe that you must make sure that you completely have the knowledge and must recognize the terms and condition and also make sure that How to use that data or information. This is the privacy statement that actually and in a true manner reveals and reflects what data and information we have collected and the method and ways how we use this information and in which manner.

We always give importance to your privacy, your privacy is our responsibility and we always make sure that we must develop a foolproof privacy protection system for you so that your privacy must be safe and protected and nobody can access your data without your permission or only one person can access your data and that person is you. The privacy policy that we had developed and mentioned and use words like we, us and our means the To pin traffic and words website means the so never be confused regarding different words and open-ended questions and there are many parts of our website in which you can access the other content of our website which is divided into different section and via them you can be reached to Privacy Policy.

Our Privacy Policy gives the complete information about how we gather the information from you and which information you have given us on our website and what is the authentic method that is employed to use this information and released by us.

This policy never is applicable for gathering data via any source and medium or gathered via offline sources or gathered by the individual or the organization but never use the medium party website. It also never be applicable to the data or information submitted by you for the sake of the sweepstakes entries. We will request you to must state the corporate rules and regulation that is

For each and every person sweepstakes for our special policies rules and regulation about the ways and method of information collection and sharing and also, in other words, the gathering and releasing for the entries regarding sweepstakes.

I would like to say you that please thoroughly study our Privacy Policy with full concentration and must understand these rules, regulations, and policies that are about your information like how we collect your information and data and how and which way that we will use and keep and protect this information. You will agree to our Privacy Policy and the method regarding how we use them by following three different steps like the first step is thoroughly studying, employing, and providing the information to this website. Another important thing that we would like to share that this Privacy Policy have chance of some modification after the specific time intervals and when you will use our website simultaneously you will be agreed for these modifications that have done in our Privacy Policy so we are requesting you to please keep checking the modifications that are done on the simultaneous basis.

Information Regarding Kids

This special part of our Privacy Policy regarding kids that are not teenagers this is for those kids who are less in age of teen aging, we are requesting you kids that never share any information regarding you means your personal information like your legal name, address and phone number that we called as NAP in Digital Marketing language and also email address is including in this information or personal data, however if we received the personal data from kids we will never save this information remove them from our database or implement our protection rules and regulations under the Act of Children’s Online Privacy Protection and in the case that you believe that we have received any personal data regarding kids then we are requesting you to contact us on our website

It is compulsory for you that you must be teenager never be less than a teenager for the sake of registration or use our website. This website is not for the use of kids that have the age of less than teen aging. We again mention that no any kid that is under the teenager to share his or her personal data on our website. We never consider the information gathered from the kids under teenagers.


There are two sorts of information regarding the clients that is collected by the

There are many ways that the clients deliver the information about them but the utmost and most usual ways included voluntary and non-voluntary submissions. These are those voluntary submissions which are obtained through our special system of electronic newsletters, in to join in our special message forums or we can say, boards, email to the friend, and from joining in the surveys and thepolls:

We collect the information via our accumulated tracking information system that is evaluated chiefly via accumulation page views across our website. This is information which actually permits us in order to a more improved manner of the modifying our best and quality content to our customer’s needs, wants and demands and in order to assist the advertisers and sponsors in the sake of to be more improving recognize.

We gather the information regarding our customer of this website in the different forms these forms are mentioned below.

Personal Data or information

In our Privacy Policy the personal data or information is meant by the data that is the data of the individual like his or name, address, email address, phone number of that person and that is unique for everyone because everyone has a unique name, address and phone number and also email address just like fingerprints. Personal data never be included the usernames and supposed or fake names that you give to our website. There are the different circumstances under which we gather the personal data from you:

  • at the time of form filling
  • at the time of communication between you and us either when you are when you are asking the information regarding us and our website or regarding our offerings either through email or other sources
  • at the time when you take part in online surveys
  • at the time of you take part in new marketing steps, taking part in quizzes and occasions
  • at the time of taking part in meetings

Information other than Personal Data

It is probable that we gather different information about you other than your personal data information like your gender, date of birth or zip code and any information about your priorities etc. this is not you can say that the personal data. But if we attach this information to your personal data then it would be personal data on an individual basis like every person have different information either person or non-personal under the rules and regulations of the Privacy Policy.

We use several ways and techniques to gather this type of data regarding you like:

Group of employed facts and IP Address: whenever you visited our website we can gather the details of the how many visits of our website, like the data about traffic, the demographic details the devices used to access us and data regarding the systems and devices used also with internet sources like IP Addresses even the browsers and OS. We can use that data for the administration of the system or for promotion purposes.

Gathering via Cookies: these are chunks of data and information which a website give directs to the user systems when a user uses the website. It is possible that we manage and reach the cookies on the systems of users in order to track and save the information about user’s preferences regarding the user. The user agreed to our cookies management to their systems. We are requesting you that make sure that all the search engines will permit you to end up the cookies to be saved on your systems and remove the cookies that are saved on your systems. If you selected that to complete then your employing the appropriate parts of that website might be prohibited.

Gathering via web beacons: these are those electrical pics and characters which permits a website to reach the cookies and in order to track the broad employed ways of visitors to the website, it can identify the specific forms of information like cookies, the date and specific time when page view on the pages of the website, the details regarding pages the portion of the placement of the web beacons. We might employ this for information collection about the usage of the website.

The data is gathered via using different methods and techniques and never be employed for identity control and regulation of the users.This information might be collected in order to create this like personal data, we will always make sure to collect the data as personaldata.

In which way we use the Information about you

  • we use each type of information in the following ways:
  • rectifying and completion of the financial transaction from you
  • by interacting with you for the advertisement for our product and services
  • by giving a quick response to your queries and solving your problems
  • by interacting with you with proper information confirmation and verification that you gave to us
  • by identifying your needs and likes
  • to make sure the website is according to your interest and assist us for the best identification the purpose of using our website
  • by saving the security and truthfulness of this website

Releasing the personal data

Traditional Releasing

To those persons who are your attorneys and authorized for getting your personal data which take the position of your attorneys when you did a business deal with them.

To our middle parties, persons or individuals and the partners who assist for our latent and business activities, like management of data, data saving process, research work, in the surveys the interior marketing, sending the advertising material and management of the website and its security.

When court order for the requirement of your personal data.

If we recognize that you doing illegal work and breaking the rules and legal regulations or in the case you are creating disruption in other matters of property.

Accumulation and Non-Personalization

We can get your personal data and create in non-personal data by mixing it to the other data regarding other persons, or by deleting the properties that create this data personal to you. We might utilize and release to middle party like accumulation and non-personalization data in any of way and without any notification and benefit to you.

The requirement for Speech Marks and Scrutiny of Website

if you give the requirements, we might contact starightyly to you with speech marks by using telephone or email. you can get the telemarketing calls as a result of your of the giving the requirements of this website if you are a local then never call registry or anyother never call registry.

If you never like to get contacted and like to get you to date deleted from our entries then you can place the request by composing andsending email to us at

The Sweepstakes Entries

If you are giving the data to our website for the entry of sweepstakes entries, we save the right to part, rent, and loan and vend the data that you gave to our partners and other middle parties. We request you to mention to the legal rules and Privacy Policy for every person sweepstakes for our appropriate policies about data sharing and releasing to that sweepstake entry.

The Evasion of Security Procedures

In addition, although we use reasonable security measures to protect the personally identifiable We employed the practical security procedures in order to save the personal data and we gather via the website, we never make sure that your personal data will just release as stated in Privacy Policy. We might be obligatory to release the personal data to the regime or middle party under the specific situations or middle party may illegally reach the shows and non-government interruption. We don’t guarantee and you also never to hope that your data will always isolated. We will not liable for the data leakage or lost by the reason of illegal middle party have the capability to use the data.

The Handovers of Business

We appropriately spare the rights of release, borrow or sell, handover your data gathered by the website, and any databases, mixed with personal data, to middle party in joining to the Business handovers. No anything in the Privacy Policy is planned to affect with our capability to handover whole or some parts of our business and assets to connected or separate middle part at any moment for any objective.

Web Promotion

From the specific period of time, we can take part in or employed promotion of webs like middle party promotion servers and promotion agencies. We can employ these middle parties web promotion for the promotion and marketing objectives and help the promotions to you, it can collect eh information regarding users which see the promotion to create the suggestions regarding user’s likes and dislikes which able their systems to send promotion straightly according to user’s likes and interest.

The Social Media Gadgets

Our website has the social media properties, Facebook buttons of likes and they might be gathered on your IP address, on which page you have visited on our website and might manage the cookie to make the properties able to operate properly. They are hosted by the middle party or hosted on the website owned by us. Your communication to the properties are owned by the privacy policy of the firm giving it

Content Produced by Consumer

You are liable for any type of content, like personal data and that you published on the website. You send the content to the website and send to the other consumer on your responsibility. We never have the ability to manage the responses of other consumers of the website to whom you have selected to share your content. We are not liable for the evasion of any Privacy management have on the website. We don’t have power and not give the assurance that your content did not show in front of illegal persons. Even this content is shown after the deletion of your content might show in cached and on other archived pages or saved by another consumer of a website.

Selections regarding the ways or methods we use and release your data

We always to give you the different and multiple selections regarding the personal data you gave us. There is some method that gave us the full governs over the specific data:

Cookie: if you didn't like to get the cookie then you can manage your browser to not to get them. If you were done like that then make sure that some portions of the website can the not reached.

Email proposals from us: if you don’t like to get the emails proposals then you can remove the option by off the option of getting emails from us and unsubscribe the emails from us.

The data you release to middle or third parties

You can open with the occasion to get the data from the middle party in joining with the website. All data you release to these parties will be central to the privacy policy of these parties. We are not liable for the privacy policy of these parties and so that you must examine the privacy policy of these parties to releasing the information in front of them. If you do so mistakenly then you can consult with them.

Associations to the Websites Third-Party

This website the emails from this website might have an association to the websites owned by the third parties that are not under our management control system. Association to third parties from this website are not powered by us of these parties and this website and their offering also and we are not liable for the privacy policy and acts and most important content of these parties. They can send the cookie and gather the data without our permission. We suggest you must read the privacy policy of these third parties before giving your information to them.

The Holding of Data

We will hold your data for some time interval. If you like that we don’t use your information for a long period of time to bid our services to you then please contact us at We will hold and employed your data as important to fulfilling our corporate responsibilities, we solve the problems and motivate for our agreements.

Functions of this Site in the United States

This website is functioned in the US. If you are set in the European Union, Canada or in and out from the US, we are requesting you please must be informed that the data you gave to us will be moved to the US. By employing this website you give approval to this handover of data.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Amendments will take effect immediately upon us posting the updated Privacy Policy on this Site. You are encouraged to revisit this Privacy Policy from time to time in order to review any changes that have been made. The date on which this Privacy Policy was last updated will be noted immediately above this Privacy Policy.

Modifications to this Privacy Policy

We might modify this Privacy Policy any time. The modification will affect vigorously on us whenever we modify our privacy policy on our website you are motivated to reexamine our privacy policy from the shot time of intervals to examine the modifications that have done. The time on which this Privacy Policy was modified last will be illustrated vigorously above this Privacy Policy.

Contacting Us

If you have questions or concerns about our privacy practices or wish to make a request regarding your personally identifiable information, please contact us at any of the following: If you any queries about regarding our Privacy Policy or have any request that you have to make about your personal data then please contact us any time whenever you want to contact us form any mediums or sources mentioned below:

  • Via telephone: +1-716-514-8848
  • Via Chat
  • Via mail: 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, USA
  • Via email:

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