SEO Audit Service

Are you worried about regarding the poor or medium or satisfactory performance of your website? Do have Low Amount of Traffic or have you lost your traffic gradually or suddenly and after of many tries you can’t find out the issue on your website and the areas of problem in your website which need to be fixed then we are here TOP in TRAFFIC is the USA number one and best company which is serving its clients from last eleven years we are providing affordable and professional SEO Audit Services to its clients and had safe many client’s websites from decline and from going to spoil. We not only do SEO Audit of your website but also provide the result oriented recommendation regarding improvements of your website.

SEO Audit is the complete and detailed examination of your each and every part if website and analysis of the each and every factor of the website that can effect on the online visibility of the website these are those important factors that are really essential near the search engines regarding Organic Search Results. In the SEO Audit, we analyze the whole structure of the website, properly check on-page optimization component from small to large like keywords research.

SEO Audit Service

We must analyze the content quality, Meta tags, Meta descriptions, titles, header tags, keywords proper usage, the consistency between the use of keywords among the different pages, the appropriate amount of link the appropriate amount and quality of content that you had created for your website.

When we are talking about off-page analysis of website then we analyze the quality of the links you had built your website we analyze the broken backlinks, number of backlinks, number of quality links, how much number of internal links on your websites and how much number of external links, we analyze complete structure of Backlining and on-page link structure of your website.

We also analyze the extent of URL regarding user-friendly we analyze that how much URL of your website is user-friendly. We do complete Analysis of google analytics that how much perfectly and correctly your website is attached to the google analytics.

It is very important for your website that your website must be optimized in such a way that your website is mobile and other devices optimized and user friendly and it is really great factor because the great sources of a large amount of audience are not just laptops and desktops but also greatly from the other devices like tablets, smartwatches and most importantly mobile phones that we called in the more usual language are the touch phones or smartphones and there are many other devices and when we identify that your website is not well-optimized for mobile and other devices we fix these issues and make sure to optimize your website in order to make it mobile friendly.

Another most important factor that we can identify when we doing SEO Audit of your is speed of loading of the web pages of your website because it is a great factor for getting or winning more and more customers and every one second that take your website for more and more loading time will be responsible for the losing more than twenty five percent traffic that is why we analyze the speed of web pages of your website or analyze that how much seconds your website’s pages will take to load with the completely analyze the web pages size because your page speed also has greatly affected by the size of the page also. We will also fix these issues in order to make sure that you never lose your audience at any cost.

Quality Analysis of On-Page Optimization

Deep and Quality Analysis of On-Page Optimization

Each and every part of your website and especially the pages of your website has great importance for the success and decline of your website that is why we never miss any part of your website that may become the responsibility for your website success. We do deep analysis of your website On-Page Analysis in order to find out the problem of your website the first thing we try to identify which become the greater reason to get declined or greater success that is we do analysis of structure of your website in this analysis we analyze the that either your URL is user friendly or not because sometimes your URL is not easy to speak and understand that is why it becomes the great difficulty for your user and in this way your website may lose. We will fix this by providing more optimize and user-friendly.

When we do analysis of your website’s on-page analysis then we never forget the other factors like meta description, proper usage of keywords, keywords research, keywords consistency, the quality of content and amount of content that you have published on your website, we never forget to do performance analysis of your website in order to find out how much better your website is performing now, the meta tags the title and header tags.

We never forget to analyze the user behavior towards your website and a lot of other factors that are directly or indirectly effect on the performance of your website. We also provide you complete about the technical errors if any in your website and also provide the facility to fix these issues that are done by our clients and give suggestions regarding on-page improvements of your website.

Highest Quality Of-Page Analysis to Gauge Website’s Quality Issues

We do complete Off-Page Examination of your website in this practice in order to discover the quality issues of your website and check out that what other people have opinion regarding your websites, we analyze the inbound and outbound linking and backlinks with the quality of your website backlinks, the amount of internal and external links and the how much the links your website have quality links because the website success greatly depends on the success and quality backlinks that is why we analyze the inbound and outbound links, the number of broken links.

It is globally accepted that there are many links backlinks that are chiefly responsible for the success and failure of your website this depends upon the quality of links and thousands of backlinks can never make website equally to some quantity of quality backlinks that can give the success peak to any website. We will also find out that these quality links are come from where means from which websites your backlinks come from is this website is the well- respected and well-known website?

If your backlinks have not come from the well-known and well-respected website then we will definitely suggest you to remove these backlinks immediately we will identify them regular basis and our experts can help to fix any issue regarding your website’s each and every issues.

Of-Page Analysis

Looking To Dominate Search


SEO Audit is not difficult to understand but it is really very important to do in order to find out the problems and flaws of your website that are real or mainly responsible of lowering the ranking of your website there are many processes in order to complete the SEO Audit task completely these processes are crawling of website whole basis, Proper indexing of website, testing the usage of robots, finding the identical content, elimination of source code scrape of website, doing complete analysis of On-page and off-page optimization.

The objective of SEO Audit is to give the complete guidance for making the website more professional and successful and give the best suggestions that make the website possible to make sure that your website must be ranked higher in Google Search Results.

When there are many problems in the website then we need to complete access to your wonderful website but in very rare cases we need complete access to your website but mostly we will require access only to your Google Search Console that we called nowadays Google Webmaster Tools and require access to your Google Analytics.

We have different tools and software that can navigate and index your website just like google without complete access to your website

We analyze and checks both the quantity and quality of links because it is part of our Excellent SEO Audit service. We analyze all inbound and outbound links, the good and bad quality links and identify which links are bad and need to remove immediately.

If you want to get only suggestions regarding your Backlining issues then we can also provide you with complete guidance in order to solve your issues and provide you with the perfect solution for you regarding your Backlining queries.

We will provide your complete SEO report that gives you the complete actual or real appearance of your website in which you will find the complete statistics regarding on-page and off-page optimization, the technical objects.

We will provide the complete stats of your website’s each and every element and our talented SEO Auditing team will give you complete and clear informative stats of each element of your website, and also provided you totally and complete the average marks of your website and compare it with standards with the complete and perfect suggestions.

We charge affordable fees against our services because we are well-known best and affordable SEO Audit services and charge smooth fees against our services. Our rates depend upon the number of web pages of your website and vary from the website to website.

Sometimes you do everything for the success of your website but results are not satisfying the main reason is that you can’t identify the errors that become hurdle in the way of success of your website that is why it is very important to find out and fix your issues properly otherwise your website can’t rank at higher position.

Your website can’t rank higher if it has some type of technical and nontechnical or digital marketing issues that can lower your website ranking and it is only possible when you identify these issues and also fix these issues and these issues can also fix only if you can identify them properly and they can only identify by SEO Audit otherwise it is impossible that is why it is so important.

There are many in fact we should say there are tremendous amount of errors from technical, nontechnical or digital marketing and structural errors including the speed errors of website, broken liking, coding, content errors and duplication problem, keywords usage, content amount, meta tags, titles and headings with subheading errors, errors in link building errors, the quality of links and links authority. We make the reports of all of these errors and give you complete look of your website’s deficits that need to fix.

The regular and usual time is thirty days and for the website which have web pages in thousands then there are almost six weeks are required to complete.

Yes, because the free SEO Audit tools can only identify some issues cannot identify technical issues of website and the technical errors which need to be fix left but the SEO is much higher than the stats that provide free tools that is why our professional SEO Audit experts will examine your website and find out the errors which become hurdle in the way of higher ranking of your website and also provide your suggestions in order to make your website successful.

Yes, why not but this requires extra cost and after forecasting the cost we will solve the problems but this has separate charges.

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